rental requirements

  • certificate of insurance required

  • studio rental agreement required

  • $50.00 / hour each hour past rental period.

  • $100.00/ hour renting both studios each hour past rental period.

  • $150.00 paint fee if a fresh coat of paint is requested for the white cyc wall area

  • (we only paint the cyc wall if it is requested)

  • $250.00 use of glitter paint or any material that causes special cleanup. 

rentals that require  both studios ( A & B ) to be rented

  • "quiet on set video" video interviews & audio recordings  

  • studio rental with 15 people or more

  • any use of smoke machine or hazer

  • live band (drums) or extra loud noise

  • pets or shoots with animals

  • Failure to notify Westlight Studios of your productionā€™s requirements may result in the cancelling of your production. 


  • please contact us in advance to check studio schedule & availability

  • we do not do hourly rentals

  • the studio is available for evening rentals 


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